Project 52

Help Move our Locomotive

PH&D Alco 52 has a long history with the railroad. Currently it sits in Knoxville, TN. We own the locomotive and we need to start restoration and efforts to move it back to Michigan. This is not with out cost. While it may seem simple to couple it onto a train and roll it up here, there are a lot of other considerations that have to be taken into that mode of transport. Weighing the costs and best practices, over the road truck transport is our best option. Transport alone will cost over $50,000 and that does not include the set up and crane fees.

Prior to movement we want to paint it as well. Sand blasting and primer down in Knoxville, TN will cost $13,273.88. A finish paint job, like in the photo above, probably close to $20,000. 


If you would like to help with the Project 52, please contact us. Donor forms are on our Forms and Documents page of this website.